Get ahead of 400,000 Real Estate Agents moving to higher splits.

The migration pattern is epic. Since 2007 nearly 1/3rd of all Real Estate Agents have abandoned expensive national franchise companies for greater control over their own income.

National Brand without Franchise Fees?

A little company called Crossfit "Un-Franchised" the personal fitness industry and now cooperate with 13,000 locations worldwide. Technology has already dwarfed the perception of value that an Agent or Consumer have for the color of your sign.  A simple affiliation can offer everything a Franchise can and more. 

Coast to Coast

Our platform covers the North American Continent and our cutting edge I.T. is scalable to more than 10,000 independently owned and operated affiliates.

Designed for Profitability

Cover your overhead quickly and start generating profits fast! Plus you keep the upfront and ongoing franchise fees.

An unstoppable trend

The pattern of 1.3M licensees in the U.S. and Canada is irrefutable. Tens of thousands of agents are moving to no name, no brand, higher split offices every month.

Solving the #1 Problem in R.E.

Competency not compensation is the true Danger in Real Estate and we have already trained 31,000 Agents in 28 states without any training fees or costs!

How many referrals did you get anyway?

National Relocation and Referral is an important reason top Brokers join a National Franchise Brand. Today we can leverage web based networks to produce the same results at a fraction of the cost without joining the dinosaur brands. 

Technology and Back Office Support

Do you think that it is difficult for today's elite programmers to put a Newer Brand ahead of 100 year old companies?  Take a peek under the hood of Cooperative Real Estate and you will quickly realize why our slogan is TECHNICALLY THE BEST REAL ESTATE COMPANY.

Smart Lead Capture ~ Sales Funnel ~ C.R.M.

Paying for clicks and generating leads is everybody's opportunity but only a select few have mastered Hyper Local Social Media Marketing with Dynamic Sales Funnels and Progressive Customer Relations Management. 

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The Agent for Life Formula integrates the most compelling operating platform in Real Estate today; Team Building!  You'll discover that many emerging agents actually want leadership, mentor-ship and lead sharing so Team Leaders can offer that within a Cooperative Professional environment.




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