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Cooperative Real Estate Advantage

Cooperative Real Estate Affiliates Residential Real Estate Network offers national franchise alternative with network affiliate benefits and cutting edge marketing resources. 

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Join us in the UN~Franchising of American Real Estate 

Gain National Brand & Network Affiliation without breaking the bank.

Once Approved

One time fee of $3000

Apply Below

FIll in the spaces below to get started.

Easy Application

Be sure to include your Vision Statement and wait for approval.

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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Cooperative Real Estate Affiliate. Please fill out the form as completely as possible, and note that your proposed affiliate name should include "Cooperative Real Estate XYZ (Partners, Specialists, Team, Advantage, Executives) or you may elect an existing Brand with a member of the Cooperative Real Estate Affiliates.

By filling in this application you acknowledge that you have read the above and understand all that in entailed in become a Cooperative Real Estate Affiliate.

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Also, please include:

  • Background information on yourself and any of the people you will be partnering with.
  • Information on your exposure to Cooperative Real Estate (work at or exposure to other Cooperative Real Estate Affiliate facilities, length of time training with Worx methods etc).
  • Information on past or future Cooperative Real Estate Affiliate events you have attended or plan on attending.
  • National Referral Network
  • Listing Presentation & Promotional Materials Included
  • Recruitment Presentation & Promotional Materials Included
  • Advanced (Plug & Play) Technology Included free demo
  • 6x Training Events Each Week plus 24/7 Archive Library Included
  • Annual Convention and Awards
  • Statewide Broker Retreats and Regional Events

Cooperative Real Estate Affiliates is the Un~franchise

The residential real estate National Franchise environment is an expensive dinosaur in today’s marketplace. Countless wasted dollars turned over in the form of franchise fees, annual dues, transaction fees, training fees, annual events. (Read NAR Field Guide to National Franchise vs. Independent)

*The average Broker (and their agents) invested $85,000 per year in Gross Revenue to their National Franchise Corporation.

4 out of 5 Brokers said they “themselves” not their Franchisor were mostly responsible for their Brand success in the local market. Would you pay an employee $100,000 a year if you were the one doing all the work?

We used to pay for the right to belong to a franchise for the benefits we could not get anywhere else. Today all of the reasons you join a National Franchise Brand can be enjoyed in affiliation rather than franchise.

A little company called “Crossfit” revolutionized the fitness and health club industries. They charge a $3000 annual affiliate fee instead of $300k in franchise fees!!! 99% of the money stays in the operator’s pocket!!!

Maybe that is how Crossfit opened 12,500 locations worldwide in their short history???

Now Cooperative Real Estate affiliates all over The North American Continent are enjoying National Franchise Benefits in the residential real estate industry with NO NATIONAL FRANCHISE HEADACHES!

The first step in the Brokerage affiliation process is to fill out an application* and write a short story about yourself and your vision for your Brokerage.  The vision statement should contain info about your background, what Cooperative affiliation means to you, why you want it, and what you want to achieve. It doesn't have to be long or formal, (we don’t even check grammar) but it should be from the heart.

The most important step is for you to perform your own due diligence about Cooperative Real Estate. You can pick up the phone and ask questions, participate in our Broker Only Forum Free and as our guest before you ever join the club! You can attend classes, complete the assignments and post your results to the National Flagship Brokers (private group on Facebook), join the Text Network, subscribe to and read the CORE Journal, come to a Live Event, and make friends with (and visit, if possible) other affiliates.

Steps to Affiliation

Cost to the Brokerage Corporation

After we accept your application, we license your entire Brokerage to use of the name Cooperative Real Estate Affiliate plus all of the benefits of the affiliation for a $3,000 renewable fee. We look for a minimum of a 5 year commitment from a Brokerage because we are making plans for regional events, awards banquets, our annual cruise “convention” and staffing up to meet your needs so we just want people who are committed to working together rather than apart.

Important to Avoid Higher Expenses: Monthly payments must be received on or before the first day of each month or are subject to additional administrative fees of $65. Payments not received on or before the 5th day of each month by 5:00 pm are subject to an additional $199 administrative fee. Credit card failure will result in a processing fee of $199 above and beyond the late fees. We are in the business of real estate not collections and will not tolerate affiliates who fail to manage their financial obligations.

Costs to the Real Estate Agents

September 1st each year Real Estate Associate level members of The Cooperative Real Estate Affiliate Network are billed directly $295 which is due and payable each year. Failure to pay the annual fee by October 1st will result in a $49 late fee.

October 15th each year the Broker Owner may elect to terminate any unpaid associate(s) or pay the annual dues from their own account. In the event that annual dues are not received by 5:00 pm on the 15th day of October or proof of termination with the state licensing department is not provided by the Brokerage. The Brokerage Corporation shall be billed the full amount of the Associate Dues plus late fees (totaling $295 + $49 = $344 per active licensed associate on the states licensing website) on the 15th of October each year.

Regional Development Fee

Your only other contribution to the Brand and The National Movement is a $35 or $15 Regional Development Fee for the benefit of institutional advertising and Brand Name awareness in your Region. This money can only be used in the region it was generated in and it can only be used for Brand Name Awareness or Lead Generation back to the region.

The Broker Affiliate Council has the final vote on how, what, where, when and why the RDF fund is invested. 

So to make things work well, each transaction side will generate a $35 RDF contribution and transaction sides which are under $1500 will generate a $15 RDF contribution. 

Requirements of The Brokerage

We require an applicant to be at least an Active R.E. Brokers License Holder or employ a designated Broker before applying for affiliation. Please check with your state Department of business and professional regulation or other licensing body for more information.

Once you are accepted as an affiliate, you will need to have a live website before we will be able to link you on the www.core-us.com and the www.core-florida.com (your state). This is our primary vehicle for promoting you; therefore, we expect you maintain a good site. After your approval you may purchase a fully operational site like www.core-florida.com site for your specific geography but this is not mandatory in anyway.

Do not buy a domain name with the words Cooperative Real Estate, Cooperative Realty or CORE in the domain until your domain name has been approved for use. It’s not that we are a pain in your neck it’s because we want to protect the SEO goals we have set for our brand and serve you better. There are copyright and trademark licenses you need in order to utilize certain terms and we want to “work together” not apart!

Cooperative Real Estate has a continental internet strategy which is already the most effective lead generation vehicle available in the industry in each local market we serve.

No Broker Affiliate is ever required to use CORE Technologies we only recommend that you use a cutting edge lead generation aggregate with sales funnel technology and comprehensive CRM. If for some reason you prefer or have become accustomed to another Lead Generation system and CRM with complete deal management you can opt for another vendor like Market Leader, Boom Town Leads, Tiger Leads, Broker Agent 360, Commissions Inc. or Sellectrified.  If you don’t believe in these type of lead aggregate and CRM technologies, we will fly you into headquarters and have your head examined.

Again, you can use whomever you want but if you decide to use CORE Technologies there is one time $299 set up fee plus $699 per month which you can learn more about by visiting us at www.cooperativeusa.com. You are not required to use our site but it may enhance your SEO meta tags, search engine ratings and overall continuity with the affiliation.

Please DO NOT register a domain with the CORE name in it until AFTER you have been accepted. CORE is a licensed trademark and it’s use without our prior permission is illegal.

We require every affiliate website to display the Cooperative Real Estate affiliate link at some place on the front page of their site.

Some affiliates elect to keep the name and logo of their own local Brand and display “an affiliate of Cooperative Real Estate” with the logo in a subordinate role to their own brand.

Some affiliates elect to use The Cooperative Real Estate affiliates logo as their new corporate DBA and brand identifier like CROSSFIT affiliates. Cooperative Real Estate XYZ and Associates. OR Cooperative Real Estate Tampa St. Pete.

We will approve city names, county names, surnames and even corporate tags like Team, Leaders, Specialists, Partners and the like. However there is no vehicle for protecting those names across state lines. In other words another affiliate in another state could be approved for the same name but we will never approve the same name twice in one state without the prior written consent of the original affiliate.

National Exposure and Recognition for you and your Associates!

Your Brokerage affiliate office will be considered for feature on the Social Media Campaign or our home page and in various Public Relations announcements if you send us high-quality, interesting photos and videos of your marketing, listing presentation, buyer presentation, trainings or events. We love NEW HIRE announcements and Builder’s Services Agreements to feature your Brokerage to the Continental Real Estate Community.

Once you have read through all the links and the FAQ, please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions about the program. You can reach the Cooperative Real Estate affiliate support team at admin@cooperativeusa.com.

What You Get

What You Get

Once your application is approved and we receive your paperwork, we'll link to your website from the main page and the affiliate page of www.cooperativeusa.com and the appropriate www.core-florida.com state site.

You will also have access to the private Affiliate Forum, where you'll be able to interact with other affiliates and tap their knowledge and experience to help you thrive.

Your entire office will participate in our robust annual calendar of live online interactions, professional designations and special sales rally events. Your leadership and participation in staple events like Business Planning Month, Listing Acquisition Month, Shark Feeding and the like will make all of the difference in your Brokerage. For a comprehensive overview of our CORE Curriculum and Robust annual Schedule please visit the training section of our website.

Your affiliation includes FREE unlimited agent participation in our incredible unlimited single property websites complete with Smart Lead Capture©, automatically generated QR codes, Text Auto responder, Facebook app, virtual tour builder, HD Mobile Site. There is no cost for this technology. The only requirement is that your Brokerage is in good standing as a Cooperative Real Estate Affiliate.  Please see similar product offerings from expensive National Franchisers like www.redpropertysites.com as much as $30 per month per associate with additional listings or http://exitrealty.com/exitelistings.aspx at $19.95 per month per associate, and that’s on top of exorbitant National Franchising fees! At Cooperative Real Estate this necessary technology is FREE to you and every associate in your office.

Within the context of our single property website technology, subdomain names are provided at no cost however Brokerages and Agents are fully responsible for purchase at their own expense any private, personal, preferred, and custom or vanity domain names. Furthermore sign riders, agent announcements, advanced private SEO and pay per click advertising whether on Google or other medium are recommended (not required) and are the sole responsibility of the Brokerage and or the Agent benefiting.

Business Cards, Real Estate Signs and other promotional materials are the expense of the affiliate and/or Agent and may be purchased from approved suppliers (but that is never required) approved vendors may be found at www.cooperativeusa.com.

In addition, we hold a yearly Affiliate Cruise Convention and Awards Gala. This is a very special environment where we come together as a community to exchange ideas, learn what works, and celebrate the experience of being a Cooperative Real Estate affiliate.

Think about this: After paying for National Franchise fees of up to $25,000 plus a net effective 25-30% of your Brokerage Operating Income, These obsolete dinosaurs charge you $500 -$750 (per person) for the privilege of going to their convention. In some cases  you are legally required to attend. Then you pay for travel, food, drinks and probably buy their products when you are there. The average *Brokerage invest $5000 each year just in convention expenses.

Cooperative Real Estate: No upfront franchise fee, no ongoing franchise fees, no 10% of gross commissions, no 6,7,8% of Gross commissions and NO CONVENTION FEES! We currently host our yearly convention and awards gala onboard an elegant cruise ship and the cost of participation is equal to the cruise itself. It includes all your meals, your room, your convention and Free Cocktails intermittently throughout the 3 day event!!!

To book your attendance and travel to our annual Cruise Convention and Awards Gala visit www.cooperativeusa.com.

*The Average Broker (and their agent) from Florida poll of National Real Estate Franchised Companies fall 2014 through spring 2015 may not be representative of all Brokers in all states. 

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